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65. Moving with the times

As some of you will know I have been writing these blog posts for around four months now. Going forward the content may alter a little to reflect the nature of the changing times. Sadly, I suspect like many of us, the normal we now find ourselves in will ebb and flow, constrict and loosen, we simply don't know. The beautiful part of our mindfulness practice is that we learn to go with that process with less of a head butt fighting the change, but more of a gentle acceptance of what we find.

We are slowly learning how to stay connected with loved ones in compassionate and caring ways, but with physical distance.

The content to these blogs will reflect too that for some of us we are in a little less difficulty, it is there I know, and still for many, but it's less.

Many of you have developed strong and supportive practices and have tools that support you, which means that going forward the content will be more around maintaining your practice, supporting your intentions to practice, and reminders to ensure you are taking care of yourself.

So today is around grounding, moving more fluidly with the changing times so that we are not butting up against change but allowing it to be a part of our experience.

We can use a body-scan meditation to help as the practice takes us out of our head space and thoughts which is where we can all too often spend most of our day. The focussed attention type mindfulness meditation that a body-scan is supports calming a racing mind and allows us to see things as they are, which often means we can adapt more readily to change with more ease.

I want to draw you to the work that my colleague James Hatcher has been doing on the meditations I record. James has created some beautiful music and tops and tails the meditations with this, and some lovely imagery. Today the invite is to take time to practice the body-scan - you'll find it under the meditation section and to tune into the music too, we'd love to know what you think!

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