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53. Finding peace in challenging times

Is it just me or does it feel like an unbelievable rollercoaster?

So much emotion, pain, rawness all around, it's hard to keep yourself from feeling buffeted from all corners.

It's natural too, we are human, we feel, we empathise, can place ourselves in the shoes of others, and so naturally when we witness pain and hurt we can feel it physically within ourselves, our minds get busy ruminating, our hearts leaden, our abilities to concentrate diminish and we become either mobilised to action, or frozen in numbness.

It can make these days and weeks unbelievably hard, somehow in all the anger and hurt, we have to carry on, we have roles as parents, family, carers, employers and employees, none of our responsibilities disappear, but our abilities to navigate these with a cool and calm head, or with a sense of peace and ease can be tough.

Today I want to invite you to take some time to meditate. Set an alarm on your phone for five minutes. I invite you to practice an unguided one, these can be different, they can be a nice way for you to hold a space for yourself and take the meditation at your own pace.

Find a quiet space to settle, tune into your breath. Take three or four long inhales and exhales, noticing any emotions present, and ensure your posture is comfortable and open.

I want you to recall a time in your life where you felt at ease.

Spend some time recalling that moment, what was it? Who was with you, where were you?

What feelings were present – both in terms of emotions, what good emotions were there but also what felt sensations do you notice in your body as you recall? Is it warmth in your chest, a sense of peace, a calmness in your abdomen, a grounding sensation in your legs, what is here?

See if you can sit with those good emotions, really absorb them, and notice where in your body feels good. Take 20 to 30 seconds for each positive emotion or feeling you find and see if you can spend this time feeling those positive emotions and feelings.

Notice all that is here, notice the colours present, the smiles on faces, what you can feel grateful for when you recall that moment, who are you grateful for.

Then say to yourself thank you, thank you for the opportunity to remember this moment, thank you for the gift of the positive feelings that this moment gave you.

Thankful that you have memories that are positive and that bring comfort and ease, for they will come again, they are even here too if we take the time to notice.

Go well into your day, and into your week, find grounding in your day, and take this quote with you…

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”

― Elizabeth Edward

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