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51. Micro-mindfulness: observing

Today's micro-mindfulness moment is to observe.

You can observe whatever you like, be it the weather – sitting beneath the sky look up, the shade of blue, the birds in flight.

Or your feelings, perhaps anger is your bedfellow today, how does anger feel, what does it motivate you to do, what can you do to put a reassuring protective arm around yourself as you lean into that emotion and it's reasons for being present.

Perhaps helplessness is your companion, check in with its needs, what is it trying to tell you, and how can you support yourself in simply observing without getting into the narrative and back-story. What sensations are here, what mood is with you – label each emotion in turn, it helps to bring some distance between you and that emotion when we label.

Observe each moment to the next, just for a few minutes, sitting in stillness, what thoughts arise, what feelings are present, how they bob and weave together forming a narrative that tells you where your head space is, what is happening in your body, what is present in your mind.

Observe a pet, notice their behaviour their fur, their character, their movement, breath.

Observe yourself typing or texting, how does it feel to press the keys beneath your fingers, feel the smoothness of the characters, the noise as your fingers come into contact, watching the movement of your hands and fingers, notice if you get into a story of like or dislike – liking the feel of the stroke of the keys, dislike perhaps with sitting in front of your screen…

Whatever you choose to observe, spend a few moments, and invite the following into your practice

· Non-judgement

· Kindness

· Compassion

· Curiosity

· Play

· Trust – in yourself and the process

And if today is a tough day, remember we always have choice, we can choose to practice, or NOT. We can choose to go into that practice with gentleness. If any element of your practice feels hard, open your eyes and ground yourself by labelling all the things you can see in your field of vision, shoes, laces, socks, chair, carpet, rug, pattern….observe.

Moments as emotions - they ebb and flow, they grip us, hold us hostage, we breathe, and they slowly dissipate.

I have felt frustrated today, I have given space for it to ebb and flow. I have sat each time I've felt it threaten to take hold, and I've tried to observe. My practice is showing me how it is to process feelings by not stifling them. Luckily, I've had the space to be able to practice, I realise many of us for whatever reason will struggle to find what we need but see if you can.

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