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49. Micro-mindfulness- gratitude practice

What in this moment, in this moment right now can you be grateful for?

It might be the warm feeling of a cuppa as you sip in contemplation, cup your hands around the mug, notice the warmth radiating and the comfort it brings

It might be the comfy chair you are working from – the sensation of cushioning supporting your back and legs

It could be the fact you haven't had to commute to work and the gift of a lie-in or a chance to meditate! 😉

Or that the cat came hurtling up the stairs miaowing it's head off loudly to check you were still drumming (okay he wanted feeding but we'll gloss over that).

Small moments – notice what you can find that's small, to be grateful for.

See how many moments in your day you can catch a pause and reflect on what is good in your world in that moment.

Mine is some country and western music in my ears, mellow, her voice is beautiful, the guitar is just present in the background and the riff melodic.

Now to yours.

Remember those pennies? We know from research that noticing and taking in the good builds our resilience levels and overall sense of well-being, so get those micro-gratitude pennies building up.

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