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47. Micro-mindfulness: Looking after the pennies

…Anyone else's grandparents sagely proffered their one penny pieces into the sticky mitt of a small four-year-old with 'look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves'?

The same can be true of our mindfulness practice, small moments in a day can really add up to a fuller cup of well-being, a little more bounce-back-ability, a tiny bit more tolerance, or a less chatty headspace.

So, the next few blog pieces will focus on the micro, the short practices you can deploy in a moment, especially if we perceive ourselves to be time poor. I have walked you through a short two-minute video that invites you to notice sensations, movement and what you see.

It invites you to do the following:

Take your hand in front of you and to gently place it into the desk, table, your lap…whatever surface is handy, and place it slowly, mindfully and deliberately.

Use this practice to tune into your senses – sound (perhaps your breath), touch – as your hand comes into contact with the surface, sight – noticing and taking in the contours, skin texture, observing also your thoughts, judgements that may be with you in that moment 'wrinkles – OMG the wrinkles'…without getting into the narrative and a little story about how you haven't looked after your skin and 'oh my days haven't you aged'.

You are simply invited to become aware of all that is present, and with a nod to slowing down a little, in a micro-moment.

Try it for yourself, see how it goes for you today.

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