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15. Self-care

Today's one is brings us back to the importance of self-care.

What is self-care? Any activity we undertake deliberately that supports our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. It's something that re-fuels and sustains us rather than takes away or drains us.

Struggling to take care of ourselves physically, financially, psychologically, is often a sign of a psychological distress or difficulty. Conversely, having good self-care habits can help us stay alert, focussed, having greater emotional awareness, feeling calmer, more confident and kinder toward ourselves and others.

Why should we practice self-care?

  • It helps us to slow down! It lowers our heart rate

  • It sends a message to us that we are valid, worthy and important. Sometimes we neglect ourselves such is our desire to take care of others, we must top up our own cup though to be able to give of ourselves to other people. It can feel and seem selfish, and it's a shame that selfishness has such negative connotations these days, as selfish is by definition 'caring for oneself'. We all afford that to everyone else we meet, and so we can afford it to ourselves too.

  • Self-worth is often linked to anxiety, so anything you can do to bolster yourself especially when times can be tricky is necessary.

  • Changes our neural pathways by re-training our brains to think kindlier thoughts toward ourselves and then in turn, toward others. Our relationships with other people grow and strengthen as a result too.

Some practical self-care activities are in the attached – set yourself the intention of practicing one or more of these activities this week and tune into how it feels when you take care of your needs.

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