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14. Getting mindfully active

There is still much to say, but today it feels better to say little and allow space for thoughts, emotions and feelings all to unfurl at the rate they need to, in the ways each of us need them to, and only we can work out what that feels and looks like.

We can search for fixes, cures, for answers, but often we are left wanting. It's incredibly hard to sit with this level of helplessness, it can leave us despairing, battle-worn and exhausted.

In these moments however, it's the little things that we can do for ourselves that support our resilience levels, grand gestures can feel daunting, but the little things we can handle and cope with.

I'll be sending over some quick and easy activities for you to build into your mindfulness practice, today's one – many of you might appreciate!

Drink a cup of tea/coffee/your favourite drink mindfully

Can you use all your senses?

  • Can you give yourself the time it takes for the kettle to boil to just tune in to the kettle, the noise, the change in noise as it starts to boil, notice the steam?

  • What does it feel like to reach your arm to the kettle/bottle to pour it into your cup/glass?

  • What do you notice when you bring the drink to you – the colour of the liquid, what can you smell?

  • Do you notice any changes in your mouth – saliva? What thoughts are present?

  • Can you sip it slowly and really taste the liquid? What sensations are present?

Apply curiosity, invite all your senses to become involved – taste, touch, sound, smell, hearing. Have fun with it, see if you can allow yourself to soak up the good feelings just for a few moments – taking in the good.

Write in your journal how it feels to do something ordinary in a mindful way, what do you notice? How is it different?

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